‘This saw Boone: the bluegrass, the virgin land rolling westward wave by dense wave from the Allegheny gaps, unmarked then, teeming with deer and buffalo about the salt licks and the limestone springs whose water in time would make the fine bourbon whiskey; and the wild men too – the red men and the white ones too who had to be a little wild also to endure and survive and so mark the wilderness with the proofs of their tough survival – Boonesborough, Owenstown, Harrod's and Harbuck's Stations; Kentucky: the dark and bloody ground.’
– William Faulkner


Discover Your Heritage

Faulkner wrote these words in an article about the 1955 Kentucky Derby for Sports Illustrated. He knew the South that provided the backdrop for his fiction had been populated by pioneers who found their way into new territories via Kentucky's rivers and ancient Indian trails. Some made their way south, some further west and some called Kentucky home. But whether your ancestors settled in Kentucky or in other parts of the country, they left their imprint on the state's history. They also left behind information I can use to tell you more about them.

If you live outside Kentucky, or if you call Kentucky home and don't know where to look, I can help. I've researched Kentucky families for more than 25 years and live within easy driving distance of the state's outstanding archival resources in Frankfort, Louisville and Lexington, many of them among the nation's finest repositories of genealogical data. Over the years, I've also developed important county-level contacts throughout Kentucky.

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